ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central | Paternity Testing | Drug Testing | Pre-Employment Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central specializes in laboratory testing services for businesses and individuals. We’re here to help you find answers. We can help you settle issues of paternity, identify if your teen is using drugs, pre-screen job applicants, provide DNA Infidelity testing, and even tell you where your ancestors came from. Our walk-in lab is the key to discovery.

We offer the convenience of an easy-to-find, confidential testing facility. Ranging from sweat patch analysis to hair follicle testing and mandated drug testing for the U.S.C.G. and F.A.A. We provide a comfortable, confidential testing facility and quick, accurate results in no time.

Paternity Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central

You don’t have to go on a national talk show to get a paternity test. If there are questions of paternity, come to ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central. We will test both the father and the child, and it’s preferred to have the mother present too. All DNA paternity tests, whether a court admissible legal test or only for informational purposes, are performed at a lab accredited by the AABB.

Drug & Alcohol Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central

Drug and alcohol abuse continues to be a growing problem among the population. Adults and teens can both fall into dangerous activity under the influence of drugs and alcohol. ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central provides all types of drug screenings.

DOT Testing

Our facility is set up to comply with DOT-regulated drug testing procedures. We also assist small companies in consortium assignments.

Alcohol Testing

If you need to determine if an employee, friend or family member is under the influence, we can run an alcohol test to determine BAC levels.

Standard Drug Testing Panels

Whether it’s a 5-panel, 10-panel or 12-panel, we can test for “traditional” drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. We can also test for prescription drugs.

Synthetic Drug Testing Panels

The newest drugs on the market (used by many teens) are not detectable through a standard drug test. We perform synthetic drug testing to identify if one has been using highly dangerous, easily accessible drugs such as K2 or Spice “fake pot” or “bath salts.”

Hair Testing & Fingernail Testing

In addition to the standard urine test, we also perform drug tests through hair and fingernail testing to give very accurate, long-term data in regards to prior drug use.

Employment Screenings at ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central

ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central partners with businesses to make the hiring process easy. We provide pre-employment services such as:

  • Background screening (credit histories, criminal records, etc.), that you order from your own computer

  • Pre-employment screening (send all of your potential applicants to us for drug tests)

  • On-site testing (our team will come to your office and perform drug screening tests)

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