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Reducing Drug & Alcohol Abuse and Empowering Individuals to Manage their Health & Wellness through Affordable Lab Screening.

Solutions for
Solutions for

Diet & Exercise Testing

Which types of diet and exercise will give you the best results based on your genetic make-up?
Find out more about our non-invasive wellness testing.

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Inflammation from the foods you eat may be impacting your health…

Complimentary 30-minute review included with your test results!

Learn more about ALCAT Testing.

Legal & Judicial Testing?

In need of court admissible testing or required to perform court ordered testing?

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DNA Testing Services

ARCpoint Labs sends all collections to AABB accredited laboratories for accurate and reliable results.

How we can help with personal legal concerns, discovery and health & wellness.

Female holding a green bowl filled with vegetables.
Image of different foods for food intolerance & sensitivity testing
Green image of a DNA Coil
Glass of alcohol with pills laying around it on a table

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Accurate, Reliable & Confidential

Lab Information

  • We do not close for lunch.
  • Walk-ins Welcome!
  • Walk-ins Must Arrive One Hour Before Close

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All Employment Drug Screening Clients are accepted as a walk-in basis only anytime during normal business hours, and must arrive 1 hour before closing.

Escreen Clients Please print and bring your E-Passport with you to avoid extra costs not covered by your Employer.

709 E. Michigan St. Orlando Florida 32806

Phone: (407) 798-0317 Emergency After Hours: (407) 779-9244

ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central — Your Partner for Personal Testing Services.

Welcome to ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central, one of the nation’s leading providers of advanced, comprehensive and affordable screening and testing solutions. By staying abreast of the latest technological trends and improvements in the lab testing industry, ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central ensures you receive Accurate, Reliable, and Confidential Testing.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Drug and alcohol abuse continues to be a growing problem. Adults and teens alike can become victims of excessive drug and alcohol use. As a result, many families are sadly faced with the challenges presented by drug and alcohol abuse.

ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central provides all types of screening options for identifying drug or alcohol abuse. We’re experts in detecting traditional drugs of abuse, prescription drugs, modern synthetic substances as well as steroids and other performance enhancing substances used among students and athletes. We listen to your concerns and help you make informed decisions about which drugs and testing methods will provide the answers you need.

DNA Testing Services

The advanced technology of modern science has made it possible for ordinary individuals to be well-informed through an increasingly wide variety of advanced DNA testing services. Whether you are motivated by curiosity about your cultural or ethnic heritage, or because child support/custody or an inheritance matter is at stake, or to make better informed health decisions, convenient, affordable and confidential DNA testing can provide answers.

ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central sends all collections to an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited laboratory for analysis. When you trust ARCpoint Labs with your DNA test, rest assured that we take all necessary measures to ensure that your test results are properly processed, documented and are court-admissible for judicial matters or for use by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Put Questions to Rest with Reliable DNA Testing

When situations arise that require you to verify family lineage or you are faced with challenging legal concerns that require forensic testing, ARCpoint Labs DNA testing provides results for:

  • All forms of Relationship Testing – Paternity / prenatal paternity testing (non-invasive blood test)
  • Child support / Child custody
  • Forensic DNA (evidence/legal admissibility)
  • Infidelity (tests items for bodily fluids)
  • Immigration
  • Ancestry research / Determining family relationships
  • Inheritance issues (military and social security benefits)

Clinical Lab Services That Won’t Break the Bank

Today there is a convenient alternative to skyrocketing lab costs…ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central offers affordable testing options that save you money without sacrificing accuracy. From specimen collection to result delivery, we handle every step of the testing process professionally. Receive the same blood work and quality lab testing services without the high price tag or long wait times and get answers to your questions, quickly and affordably.

Nearly any test that can be requested by a physician in a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital setting is available through ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central, many without a prescription or physician’s order.

ARCpoint Labs of Orlando Central offers a broad spectrum of individual blood tests to monitor cholesterol, glucose, PSA, testosterone…among many others. Save money by purchasing a group of tests (panels) including Heart Health, Female/Male Health, Allergy, Thyroid, Kidney, Liver, Hormone, and many others.

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It is our mission to reduce drug abuse and empower individuals and companies to manage their health and wellness through affordable screening programs and lab services.

It took less than 5 minutes to get called in and less then 5 minutes to complete the entire process. Great Staff.


Arcpointlabs Was one of the fastest, cheapest walk in clinics for a drug test the place was very clean and professional the people were very nice once again very professional i would highly recommend them

Royce Epperson

Very professional and quick. Excellent service and staff.

Cheryl Holecheck

I came in today for a preemployment drug test and was really impressed by the facility. Extremely nice staff and clean!


I thought it was great, quick and easy. The staff was very friendly.

David Tangen

I am very thankful Arcpoint saw me after normal hours for a test I needed ASAP. Truly a life saver.


Very professional staff. Very courteous. They genuinely care about there clients.


I want to thank Trey an easy and painless experience. He made me comfortable and helped me tremendously with my situation. Karan was great and very thorough. Funny as well. Thank you for working with me.

David A Russell II

Arc Point has handled all of the drug testing needs of my business for some time now, their level of professionalism and accuracy is the pinnacle of the industry. I would recommend their staff, management and experience to any business owner or individual in need of the service they provide.

Andy Ingram

Arcpoint Labs Orlando Central provides excellent service and has a helpful and knowledgable staff. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.


Price was reasonable and service was fast. I do not like to wait, so this was a nice surprise. Turn around time on my results was also extremely fast. Highly recommended.


Karen was informitive and a Great personality

Roy Shan

I needed a employment drug screen for the new sales position I was about to get. I just worked the entire day at my current job and got there slightly after the 4 pm cutoff for employment screens. Despite, being after 4 on a Thursday, they were EXTREMELY helpful and made a deal to get me in so my results could get sent off in a timely manner. I have since gotten the job and couldn't have started as soon as I have had they not been as timely. Thank you!

Michael Campbell

ARC is awesome!! Went in for my drug test and was in and out. Very professional and organized!! No waiting!

DeAndrea Bookard

#1 service. Top grade. Very friendly and informative. Thanks

Ernest Sewell

Trey was professional and was willing to come in after hours if he had to. When I arrived I was greeted with a friendly smile and a VERY REASONABLE price. If you must be drug/alcohol screened and are anywhere in the Orlando area give these folks a call. In and out, helpful, and very courteous. Efficient and reliable business that is the best price I have found. Thank you Trey and all of your professional assistance.


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